Caught up in the Details

I keep thinking I’ll sit down, type something awe-inspiring because you girls are AWEsome and I’d like to chronicle my thoughts and our adventures both big and small. However, I keep putting things off because I want it to be just perfect. I have this bizarre desire to be the perfect Mom.  One who bakes, cooks, cleans, works outside of the house and still manage to make every single event.

But I had the recent revelation I need to give myself some slack.  No day is perfect and no Mom is perfect.  I’m simply the perfect Mom for you . . . one who will occasionally over season a meal, distracted by making ends meat, frustrated by house projects not moving along fast enough, but always beaming with pride and love for you both which makes me the perfect Mom for you two girls!

My hope is you two give yourself room to get caught up in the details, but always able to be swept away by the moment!


An Original Collaboration by: Kendall Brooke & her Dada

An Original Collaboration by: Kendall Brooke & her Dada

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Being a Princess is tough business

Today we got “the call”.

Preschool called to say Drew Loraline was rolling her eyes and folding her hands across herself and the only word to leave her mouth was No.

This defiance coming from our little girl who, if we allowed it, would wear  a princess gown everyday.  I know Two’s are tough, but I think they’re tougher on parents than the toddler who acts like she’s 16 and mad we told her she couldn’t take the car.

All this aside, I am comforted in knowing this attribute will serve her well in life and love.

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And He Said . . . Let me eat chocolate cake!

Aunt Lindsay or I like to refer to her “Baby Lindsay” turned 21 . . . and here’s a picture of you two patiently waiting for her to blow out her birthday candle!

Patience is a virtue.

Patience is a virtue lost while awaiting to savor chocolate birthday cake!

I love your silliness!

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Our toothless wonder!

While we celebrated the mark of the beginning of the gluttonous holiday season with Fry Fest 2012 with our awesome neighbors, The Valdes, we also celebrated the lost of another front tooth!

The trampoline net aided in its removal, but the next morning it was all worth it because The Tooth Fairy brought a two dollar bill!


Third baby tooth!

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Turning one! & First Spring Break!

Drew Loraline turned one yesterday! AND the end of Kendall Brooke’s first spring break…All I can say is…Where did the year go??

Drew is standing (hands free) for a few seconds at a time…looking around to see if anyone’s looking. 🙂 We all giggle when Drew points at Hunter and says “bad dog”!

Nah Nah stayed with us this week to keep us all going during spring break and just a few weeks ago Kendall stayed the weekend in Gulf Breeze solo!

You girls are growing by leaps and bounds…doing amazing thing every day. It is such a privilege and delight to be your mom!!


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Our First Christmas with Four!

I am still trying to get the hang of blogging…well, frankly, the habit. I get caught up in daily things and forget the importance of reflecting. Looking back gives perspective and meaning to a life. I try to remind myself how my actions, no matter how big or small, can directly affect someone else. It’s all perspective… It’s with perspective this was truly the best Christmas yet!

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by love. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m given three beautiful reasons to wake up smiling every day…THREE! Some people are fortunate enough to merely have one.

I’m spending this upcoming week home with you girls! It’s winter break! We actually had flurries this afternoon. It was wild! Little pieces of “snow” landed right in Kendall’s curly hair! I never imagined I’d be standing there watching snow flurries landing in those beautiful curls in FL!

I covered Drew’s little head in a pink stocking cap, but it was still too cold to stay out long…Burrr!

Drew is on the move! I turn my head for a moment and all I see is a cloud of dust! So fast!! It’s exciting, but still makes my heart pause a bit. I am floored at how fast the last nine months have gone by…but I wouldn’t change it!

I picked out ornaments for your both! Kendall’s is a little schoolhouse…to remember the year you started school and Drew’s is a porcelain rattle to commemorate your first Christmas!

I ought to rest…nap is still a dirty word in this house and I doubt I’ll be getting one tomorrow! Ha ha!!



A few Firsts…

The first nine weeks of school just ended and Kendall’s first report card came home!

Drew Loraline had bites of biscuits! Yes, lots of milestones in the Sampson household. Albeit small, but milestones still the same!

It’s also the day after elections…people get so worked up about politics! I’m just ready for the slanderous commercials to stop. If there is one piece of “mommy advice” we should always keep in mind: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Girls, this is not me saying voting and government are not important. On the contrary, law, order, and the freedom to vote are what separates us from the other mammals…well, that and the use of flatware!

I love, love, love you both! I could not be prouder than to be your mom!! 🙂

Seeing you two smile and hearing your laughter make my world bright!

Mommy’s Planning Day

Tomorrow is teacher’s planning day; heading to meet with Kendall’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Whitehead, @ 8:20a. This is the first of I’m sure to be many I have to look forward to and dread. It’s hard accepting compliments about your child let alone criticism. I have no doubt the meeting will go well. I just still can’t help it…I’m the mama and over analyzing is part of the job description.

Last weekend I discovered Drew Loraline officially has her bottom two front teeth coming in. Guess she’s already adopted the motto: Go Big or Go Home. 😉

So my next item on the agenda: implement a Mommy’s Planning Day. It would be nice to get organized; have quick 20 minute meetings to let everyone know how I feel they’re doing…oh, and of course politely ask if there’s anything they feel I could be doing to help facilitate a healthy, learning environment. Ha ha!

Yesterday’s Letter of the Day: U

While in the “laxing, sassage” chair (aka: relaxing message chair) I could have sworn angels were singing and the clouds parted…I heard “Mom, what does this spell . . . p . . o . . w . . e . . r?” It makes me smile to see Kendall learning and sometimes the thought process makes me laugh!

The time is nearing when Andy and I won’t be able to spell things any longer so, she doesn’t know who and/or what we’re discussing.

We’re in the middle of a second round of antibiotics, Drew has double ear infections which are making her cough. Even after a coughing fit, she still manages to smile! Keeping fingers we’ll cross over this bridge quickly.

Digital Memory Box

“These are the days to remember”.

I find that I am already forgetting funny sayings and special moments… So, in an effort of preserving these precious memories I’ve decided to start a digital memory box of sorts for you girls and myself to look back on.

The tagline of this blog is simple: “for our hearts, which have sprouted legs”.

This blog is meant for Kendall Brooke and Drew Loraline; our hearts.

with love, mom